3 Things I’m Looking Forward to in 2021!

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2 min readFeb 4, 2021


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There is a lot that can be said about 2020, but why focus on what was when we have a new year ahead of many more challenges/opportunities?!

Here are my 3 resolutions for 2021:

1- Aim for joy! — every year I choose a word to manifest itself in my daily life. My 2020 word was ‘abundance’, and it has been an abundant year of personal growth and opportunities like no other! This coming year I want to aim to self-generate enough joy to power a city and everything around it! Do what makes your heart sing!

2- Mom as my new role model — since I have recollection my father has been my main source of inspiration and heartache. I was a reincarnation of my father and the quicker I came to peace with knowing that the most challenging relationship in my life was also the most influential, the quicker I would find my inner peace. Yet again, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree! I’ve gained so much integration with SELF since I embarked on this journey these past 5 years of accepting and empathizing with everything my father was and wasn’t. To the point that this coming year I want to focus on my mother’s roadmap of life to inspire and create the next stage of my own! What if I focused on being more caring, unconditionally loving, and the creative energy that my mother was? What if I recognized her shortcomings as blessings in disguise? So much opportunity. Stay tuned.

3- Continue to lead from within — Over the last 4–5yrs I’ve focused inward in order to do so-called ‘work’, and it has paid off immensely! I feel a deep calling for bigger and bolder actions that help others find their way of being in harmony with their lives.

What are your 3 resolutions for this coming year?

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