How To Know If You’re Ready to be Your Own Boss

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3 min readFeb 24, 2021


The photo was taken by Liv Schultheis

According to Forbes approximately half of the millennial generation now has a side gig to help them make ends meet, become solopreneurs, or have a creative outlet. While there have been some struggles with the fully remote model, the experience has enabled them to leave cities, think outside of the box, and evaluate what is important to them overall. It’s expected that these statistics will only continue to increase during the pandemic along with the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual toll.

“I’m tired of the repetitive tasks and unfulfilling work.”

“It’s hard to get anything done without being at the point of burnout.”

“I don’t feel supported or understood at work. My boss and this job are always so demanding.”

I know how it feels to be hostage to that 9–5 (and beyond) job that week-after-week takes you on a non-consensual emotional rollercoaster. It’s no thrill. Neither is trading your innate talents for mundane work.

3 things that helped me realize I needed to become my own boss:

1- Harmonious Schedule — a population of Highly Sensitive People (HSP’s) continuously strives to seek new life experiences. These individuals are better known as High Sensation Seekers (HSS) and are drawn to new feelings and sensations. HSP’s like me that are also HSS’s, commonly struggle in work environments and careers in which they can’t find harmony or the balance between their sensitivity to stimulation and the need for sensation seeking. Being self-employed has been the only way I’ve been able to walk the thin line between boredom and overstimulation to create a harmonious flexible schedule. Having the flexibility to navigate my day-by-day with ease, knowing that I can self-care, take a break, or decide what type of work to prioritize based on my personal needs, has been a game-changer in increasing my creativity, self-confidence, and overall happiness.

2- Discipline — do you have what it takes to keep yourself accountable? When I first began my sales career 6yrs ago, I struggled with keeping myself motivated and disciplined. Being an individual contributor for the past 6yrs was one of the best things to help me transition into self-employment, along with hiring coaches along the way to help me stay accountable, meet my metrics, level up, and reverse engineer my goals.

3- Big Dreams & Aspirations — are your goals and aspirations larger than what your job or career can provide you? It’s worth mentioning that I’m an achiever and visionary. Understanding this was key for me. No matter how well I did in all my performance reviews, bonuses, and salary increases, I was always unsatisfied and felt undervalued. True freedom came when I realized that no job would pay my worth or meet my need for innovation because I was not in alignment with my values and life purpose. It was up to me only to make these dreams come true.

Life is too short. No paycheck is worth this trade-off. You owe it to yourself, your loved ones, and the career and life you are meant to thrive at.

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