Another Birthday? Help Me Make This One Count!

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2 min readFeb 9, 2021


Kindergarten Graduation

Circa 1992, I didn’t know what birthdays were until I moved to Puerto Rico to live with my aunt and uncle.

One night my aunt called me into her bedroom to have a ‘talk’. I was so nervous at first. She sat me down on her bed and it felt like a serious conversation was on its way… I was anxious and even more nervous about potentially receiving unwanted news. I was scared my aunt realized she made a mistake in adopting me. Thoughts quickly clouded my mind…

“Oh no, what did I do?”

“Is she angry at me?”

“It’s my fault.”

ALL is well! As it turned out my aunt wanted me to feel welcomed at their home and from that point on for me to call her mother. Her family happened to be there visiting that night. I was overwhelmed and still a little anxious leaving her room. The lights were off and everyone was quiet… I didn’t know what to make of things until I saw a cake and everyone began singing me happy birthday!

It took 7 years of life to become aware of when I was born, and ever since I cherish and celebrate every full cycle around the sun. It was on this day that I realized I belonged somewhere. That I had a day to cherish being alive!

Unfortunately, not all children are lucky enough to have a family member care for them. Not every child has a birthday to be celebrated.

After five years of war, over 12 million Yemeni children live in dire need. UNICEF has been protecting them from malnutrition, violence, and poverty, and helping them learn so they don’t fall too far behind. Please support UNICEF’s work to provide relief that helps keep Yemen’s children healthy — and gives them hope.

My wish today is for you to help me bring a smile, deepen awareness, and provide hope to the less fortunate.


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