Are You Ready to Create an Extraordinary Career and Life?

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2 min readMay 12, 2021


Get unstuck.

Did you know that the best things you can bring to the table are your natural-born skills? What makes you unique? What are you passionate about?

A third of millennials will be leaving their jobs within the next 2 years for greener pastures or starting their own businesses. If you hate what you’re doing in your career and life, there’s a good chance that maybe, you’re not supposed to be pursuing those things.⠀⠀

I’ve experienced many career moves… Engineering, sales, and more coupled with my high sensitivity — all of which have helped me hone in on what I like, dislike, and my natural talents.⠀

In my 12-week Career & Life Jumpstart Program, I use my lens of experience to help my clients seek CLARITY in what they want, CONFIDENCE in their natural talents, and DIRECTION in career and life to be able to put those talents to good use.⠀

When you love what you do and use your natural talents to escalate your life and career, amazing things start to happen!

Release Your Potential

You MUST be someone who:⁠

  • Is committed and willing to put in 7 hours/week minimum towards your growth goals
  • Has a deep desire of being of service to others while creating a BOLD and extraordinary life
  • Is a highly sensitive professional who is ready to take action and stop making excuses for themselves

Is this you? Schedule a 15 min consultation here to discuss your aspirations further.

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Spirit Panda Coaching has been helping young adults who struggle with finding their way after college to integrate into work and life with confidence and direction while leveraging the best of their sensitivity temperaments. As an HSP Business Coach, I am trained in guiding clients to a state of self-empowerment and success. All coaching sessions are remote, and you can schedule a 15min complimentary consultation here.

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