How to Enhance Your Affirmations

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2 min readJun 9, 2021


Do you find yourself continuously telling yourself positive affirmations that don’t always stick?

“I am happiness.”

“I learn positively from my experiences.”

“I am a stronger person.”

Affirmations are useful to a certain extend. I’ve definitely used them in the past. It’s a start to create more positive internal conversations. But, if I’m honest, they aren’t all that.

Our sub-conscience minds are wired to answer questions while challenging statements that haven’t been proven. When we convert our affirmation into a ‘question,’ we tell our mind to focus on finding evidence to affirm ‘the question.’

This process is called Lofty Questions. Christine Marie Sheldon & Vishen Lakhiani have popularized this concept in MindValley.

Lofty Questions help you gain:

  • Insight
  • Innovative solutions
  • Shift in focus
  • Positive identify shift
  • Untuck yourself emotionally
  • Intuitive
  • Perspective shifting
  • Increase your PQ (a.k.a., Positive Intelligence Quotient)
  • Reduces cognizant dissonant

4 Steps to convert an affirmation into a Lofty Question:

  1. Phrase your affirmation
  2. Convert the affirmation into a question by adding ‘why…’ to the beginning of the phrase (this reduces cognizant dissonant)
  3. Include “always or all the time” in your question (It kicks in the reticular part of the brain)
  4. Ask in a relaxed or meditative state.

Here are 3 great examples of Lofty Questions that you can use daily:

“Why I’m I surrounded by happiness at all times?”

“Why I’m I always able to learn positively from any experiences?”

“Why am I a stronger person always?”

The bottom line is that our reptilian brain wants to keep us safe and needs to challenge any statement before accepting it as true. By posing positive questions to ourselves, we bypass our defense mechanics and focus on finding supporting evidence instead.

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