How To Not Allow Your Thoughts To Get The Best Of You

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2 min readApr 14, 2021


We all know those days where our negative thoughts try to drag us down… As highly sensitive people, we experience these ups and downs more intensively, to the point that it can’t be paralyzing and hinder our overall happiness.

“I’m over this job and the 9–5 daily grind. I’m so undervalued at work that why am I still here?”

“Why is family time always so stressful? They just don’t get it me.”

“It’s impossible to balance my schedule when everyone is so demanding of my time. It’s like I can’t figure out how to balance my overstimulation with the need for new experiences without feeling exhausted.”

But did you know that you can download your thoughts to free some headspace? A ‘thought download’ is a page of thoughts that you record. When you sit down to download your thoughts, your page could fill up with things so random, and you can’t even make sense of why you’re thinking them…⠀

We all have stories we tell ourselves about the circumstances in our daily lives. Becoming aware of these stories is key to shifting perspectives instead of reacting.

But the purpose of a thought download isn’t to solve your thoughts; it’s to liberate your mind.

Here’s how to download your thoughts:⠀

  • Write down all of your thoughts (positive, negative, or otherwise); don’t attempt to solve them as you go!⠀⠀
  • Read through your thoughts. Some may not seem as daunting on paper. Some may still seem tough. (And that’s ok!)⠀
  • Highlight the facts in your thought download. Facts are an occurrence in the real world that can be verifiable. Opinions and judgments about a circumstance are NOT factual. ⠀
  • Rewrite the thought download in a neutral tone with ONLY the highlighted/factual information. ⠀
  • Shake off the rest of your thoughts, as you’ve now gotten them out of your head and into the open, and move along with your day!⠀⠀

So next time you’re feeling stuck in your head or on a negative downward spiral, ask yourself, “what’s the story I’m telling myself?” and write it onto paper.

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